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About ComputerEase

Owned and operated since its inception by Wade T. Leakey, MSEE. ComputerEase specializes in Internet security, local and wide area networks, custom designed servers and workstations. ComputerEase is local to Pittsburgh and has an experienced Sonicwall Certified Security Administrator on staff.

ComputerEase can help you use the Internet productively –

We will protect your computer network from intrusion by malicious software from the Internet. It is essential to stop these intruders before they get into your network and computers. Once they invade your system, the best you can do with virus checkers, resident software firewalls and such tools is to limit the damage. Prevention is the appropriate goal.

Controlling Internet traffic:

  • Protects confidential data and limits associated legal exposure
  • Provides tools to implement employee Internet use policies
  • Minimizes lost productivity due to computer downtime and performance problems
  • Is an important tool for compliance with regulations governing information transfer
  • Allows secure remote access, even from public places and uncontrolled host PCs
  • Documents Internet activity as needed for record keeping

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