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Internet Sevices

Once deployed, Internet security appliances require ongoing maintenance to remain effective and accommodate changing user needs. ComputerEase can perform all the ongoing maintenance and configuration services needed. Hire us and forget about it!

Internet Usage Monitoring

While examining all traffic to and from the Internet, security appliances can provide usage information in whatever detail is needed for policy compliance monitoring or record keeping purposes. ComputerEase offers monthly reports including detailed and summarized Internet usage information.

Network Administration Services

If your business is too small to need a full time IT expert, ComputerEase will provide the full range of IT services to keep your Windows server and desktop environment running reliability and at efficiently.

Online Data Backup

Secure backups are performed automatically each night over your existing Internet connection. ComputerEase provides these services through Dr.Backup for small quantities of data. If you need to backup large amounts of data, we use the SonicWALL Continuous Data Protection product family.

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